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  • Who am I?

    Born in Canada, I was always eager to make a difference in the world. From a very young age I always dared to do the impossible, get out of my comfort zone and explore. That's why I started my YouTube channel called CammyD. I shared my experiences with the world as a way to educate others about what is waiting for them on the other side of the globe.


    By the time I was 15, I had visited over 45 countries and been to 6 out of the 7 continents. Throughout my travels I've shared the things I've learned from around the world and implemented them into my every day life.


    I also have a passion for politics and my goal is to be able to make long lasting change in different communities. In the last year, I've joined programs and volunteered in my community in order to achieve my goal.


    I'm a dedicated, hardworking, resilient, extroverted, optimistic teen and I am trying to make anywhere I am, a better place for everyone who is there. I will never lose sight of my goal and won't stop working until I achieve it.

  • Accomplishments

    A brief description of all Cameron’s (my) accomplishments throughout the years

    Defensive player of the year- Basketball


    I have played basketball for most of my life, being a part of a team is something I do well. In basketball, defence is usually overlooked, yet it's a huge part of the game. I can do a big task and when I complete it successfully, I can remain humble about it.

    OBA Champions


    Being a champion isn't an individual act.Being a champion means that I have the skills of working together with my teammates to achieve a common goal. I will bring strong collaborative skills to any workplace.

    Most Improved Player- Basketball


    In my 2018 basketball year I was awarded "Most Improved Player." This means I have the ability to adapt and change for the better; making myself, my team and my peers stronger.

    Globe and Mail writer

    2018, August

    I wrote an article for The Globe and Mail. It is a humorous piece talking about how to survive traveling with your parents.

    YRAA Champions


    My teammates and I successfully reached the championship game in the York Region Athletic Association. This path helped enhance all of my skills to help better the team.

    Intrepid Travel published writer

    2019, January

    I was asked by Intrepid Travel to write a piece talking about what I've learned from my travels all over the globe and share it with their readers.

    Honour roll HS Student

    2018- Present

    I've been an honor roll student for all of my high school career. I have strong time management and prioritizing skills, and I'm a leader in my school.

    BHM Award recipient


    I was recognized by the YRDSB for my hard work during, and outside of, school hours. I've taken part in several different clubs and services. I've made sure my voice was heard when talking about injustice in our society and I am a well rounded student.

    Travel With Nugget- Podcast


    The host Veronique Kinsey reached asked me to share travel information about the city of Toronto on her podcast. My experiences helped educate others across the globe on what it's like to live in Canada.

    City News - Interview


    For this interview Mark Mcallister interviewed me on my viral YouTube video talking about my experience being black in Canada

    Emceed at my high school's 1st birthday


    I've been a part of several school events including my school's first birthday assembly. I was nominated to speak by teachers and peers.

    Your Morning - Interview


    For this interview, Anne-Marie Mediwake interviewed me about my viral YouTube video talking about my experience being Black in Canada.

    CTV News interview


    I shared my experience with Anti-Black Racism on the CTV news channel.



    I collaborated with members from the Giants Of Africa charity where I spoke on a youth panel that discusses concepts of humanity, how to get involved in activism and what I've done.

    BSA Video event


    This year I worked with members of the YRDSB to create a video that will be published this February. It will discuss and educate youth about concepts that relate to Black history, Black excellence and more!

    NewMarket Today article

    2020 Jul 24

    I spoke on a youth panel that discusses concepts of humanity

    Clothing Brand


    I created 721merch, a clothing brand with the aim to unify people across the 7 continents around the world. To unite us as a planet around the causes that make the world a better place for everyone.

    I deserve a world interview


    I spoke on a youth panel that discusses concepts of humanity

    MACCA Internship


    I applied and received a spot with Kinect youth, a paid internship experience where I was able to suggest idea that would promote and support relevant issues in my own community and create a plan of action of how I can create change

    CBC youth Correspondent


    I spent a month with CBC radio giving my videos and giving awareness to parents on what it's like going to school during a pandemic and how they can make sure their kids are staying safe.

    5 Minutes with Maryam Siddiqi


    I talked with Social Media journalist Maryam Siddiqi about how to get involved in activism at a young age and my community involvement

    Children's General Assembly


    I spent 6 months working with other youth from around the world discussing what problems children's face that go against their rights, building a manifesto and in september I was flown out to Billund, Denmark where I was able to present it to ambassadors from the UN.

    Presentation Of Manifesto to UN


    I spent 6 months working with other youth from around the world discussing what problems children's face that go against their rights, building a manifesto and presenting it to ambassadors from the UN.

    Presentation to the City Of Markham

    2022- February

    After I applied and join the Markham Black Youth Liaison Committee, I joined a subcommittee which worked to plan an event for Black history month for all of Markham to see! I worked with Mayor Frank Scarpitti and other community members within Markham to ensure this event ran smoothly!

    Lego Conference 2022 Billund

    2022- June 9

    I gave a speech to education system leaders about the importance of learning outside of schools and progressing from the standardized learning system we have now

    School Basketball MVP 2021-2022

    2022- April 30

    I recieved Most Value Player for my school basketball team

  • Volunteer Experience

    By the age of 15 I've volunteer my services for several different causes. My Community, Sports, Activism and Ethnic groups in Markham.

    Markham Stouffville Youth Council

    An Aspiring Politician

    In the future, I want to be the Prime Minister of Canada. I've been involved in the community in several different ways and I hope to make long-lasting, positive change in Canada!

    Next generation Basket Ball

    A Well Rounded Student Athlete

    I've played basketball all of my life. I love the sport and I use it as a stress reliever and a way to stay physically active. I hope to inspire and teach my generation valuable lessons that can be taught through sports.

    Yee Hong Ho Lai Oi Wan Centre 頤康中心 (Markham)

    Giving back to the community

    As a way to give back to the community, I volunteered to help rebuild two gardens; one for the elders and another for the community of Cornell. It took a while, but being able to give back and help the community was worth it.

    Wesley Asian Markham Fair

    Active in Different Ethnic Groups

    Since I’ve been around the world, I’ve gained a different mindset and learned valuable lessons. I’ve brought back the lessons I’ve learned and implemented them in my everyday life. I understand the importance of culture especially within minority groups. Being able to volunteer to help keep a culture alive is something I’m proud to be apart of!

    Co-Founded Youth run organization BYR Youth

    Active in making positive change

    6 months ago, after speaking at a BLM protest in Markham I and a friend of mine were compelled to create an organization that would help youth share their voices. We create BYR YOUTH to advocate for injustices in our own community and as a way to bring together the youth of today and work to create long lasting positive change.

    Marci Ien's Toronto Centre Youth council

    Active in making positive change

    I worked with liberal MP Marci Ien to help create long lasting change in the community of Toronto centre.

    Markham Black Youth Liaison Committee

    Active in making positive change

    The Mayor’s Black Youth Liaison Committee will be a voice for Black youth in the City of Markham by providing an open forum for youth to convey perspectives on issues and initiatives that are of particular importance to them. The Committee will provide guidance and advice to the City to support Black youth in the community and combat anti-Black racism, in collaboration with key City staff, including the City’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist, political leaders and community stakeholders.

  • Activism

    What I've done to help to my help create long lasting positive change in my community

    Spoke at a Markham BLM protest

    2020- Present

    On June 27th I spoke out about my black experience in Canada. I spoke about the racism and prejudice I've faced and how I've coped with it.

    Co-Founded a Non-Profit Organisation


    A few others teens and I co-founded BYR Youth. An organisation which helps educate community members on allyship and how to make our communities free of anti-Black Racism.

    Being Black In Canada CBC Feature

    July 2007-April 2011

    I made a 60 second clip on what being black in Canada means to me: The hassle I have to go through when leaving my house, the implicit racism that I face and how it affects me.

    Interview with CBC news

    July 2007-April 2011

    I spoke with Micheal Serapio about how to fix the system racism Black people face in Canada.

    MACCA Youth Kinnect group


    Markham MACCA program provides youth with opportunities that help make long lasting positive change in our communities.

    Spoke with directors of education


    I spoke with directors of education encompassing representation of bipoc people, black history and racist language

    Mayor Scarpitti's Black Youth Liason Committee


    I work with mayor scarpitti and other Black youth from markham to make long lasting change supporting black youth while being considerate of how it can support other youth as well.